Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jesus at Starbucks

Yes. It's true. He met me there yesterday morning.
I woke early, and headed out the door, into the cold cold morning, and found my way to my favorite red chair. At Starbucks.
I ordered my cuppa somethin' warm, and found my way to my spot...cracked open my journal and poured out my heart to my friend, Jesus. I confessed my attitude lately, and my 'unwholesome' talk, I asked Him to show me how to live, how to be an encouragement to those around me, specifically my husband and kids. I asked Him to show me how to get off of the sled that was speeding downhill at mach hop off that sled, and change the direction of our family, when we start to descend.

I was so delighted when Jesus met me there. It seemed as though, as I opened His Word, he sat down in the empty matching chair beside me. He handed me his letter of response. It was right before me, on my lap, in Ephesians 4:17 through Chapter 5.
'Don't live like you don't know me, Angela.'
'You have been taught who I am. Live like that'
'Don't let crud come from your mouth' (it exposes the ugliness in your heart, remember, friend)
'Don't let your anger lead you to sin'
'Get rid of the anger, and all the other stuff that keeps you from living purely'
'Let the words that come from your mouth be an encouragement to others'
'Be kind to one another. Tenderhearted. Forgive each other, as I have forgiven you.'
'Let my life be your example. A life of sacrifice... be like me.'

It was a sweet gentle rebuke. A spanking...for which I am grateful. He loves me enough to discipline me. To not let me continue on the downward slope. To encourage me.To tell me once again, that HE gets it. He knows where I'm at. And he meets me there... even if it is at Starbucks.

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Kara said...

Oh dear friend. Reading your story brought cascades of tears. I'm really on a downhill slide as of yesterday and I don't know why... thank you for being such an example of seeking Jesus in the struggle.

Please pray for me when you lose your patience or feel at your 'end'. I am probably there, too and need your prayers.