Thursday, December 11, 2008

High 5's

A sweet friend and fellow homeschoolin' momma, Rebecca (the cute one with the red hat on the left...the other cute one is my sweet friend Dawn), has all these fun little names for the things they do each day... for example...they don't call chores 'chores'... they call them 'gratitudes' instead. Things they can be grateful for...things that God has intrusted them to take care of... Great perspective, eh?
Well, last night I stopped her and asked her to tell me about thier morning routine and to explain to me their High 5's. Here they are, in all thier cuteness:
1. Get up and dressed
2. Make your bed
3. Brush your teeth
4. Help unload the dishwasher
5. Do your Up Ups... (push ups, sit ups, run around the yard twice!)

I think this is brilliant. So this morning, right after I called her oldest son Cade to ask what the 5 where again, my kids and I implemented the name High 5's this morning, and each gave me a big High 5 when they were done. It worked magic. Funny how something we already did each morning (minus the Up Ups and, if I'm honest, the brushing of teeth every morning, (cough cough) ) was so much more fun when given a cute name, and a hand slap at the end.

Thanks Rebecca!! I'll be calling Cade again to ask about 'gratitudes' and the other quirky-cute things you do! (ie: morning munchies!)

What about you? What makes your day with little ones fun and manageable? Share your tips in the comment section!

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Kara said...

When my 6yo is dragging, the promise of a tickle break when he finishes spurs him on. And I think that tickling and cuddling with my kids raises my spirits, too! (Especially now that they can tickle back!)