Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Break

Yesterday morning my dh looked at me and said "take your computer, and a change of clothes and go away" It is amazing how he knows just what I need. Although I didn't plan on staying away over night, I did. A sweet friend offered her guest bedroom in her beautiful home to me, and I am so thankful that the Lord gave me enough insight to say YES. I slept an entire night without waking. For the first time in MONTHS. It was beautiful.
My whole day was beautiful. A sweet gift from God. I got to spend time with friends, and have sweet conversations.I got to eat burritos. And pizza. And drink coffee. I got to go to Book study where I was encouraged to die to myself and walk closer with Jesus who HAS GIVEN ME EVERYTHING I NEED. And... a sweet nugget of truth from that time that I took away:

My rock star friend Rebecca said something that really is at the forefront of my mind today. She said that years ago God really convicted her to look at how she measured the success of her days. She said she had been measuring her days by how well behaved her kids were. If they were good, she'd had a 'good day'. If they weren't...well...she didn't. She said that God showed her that her job was to train her kids in righteousness, and that when the opportunities came to shine His light on their hearts, she should take it. That having a 'good day' was measured by...get this... HER RESPONSES TO THIER SHORTCOMINGS. She learned to see their disobedience as an opportunity to teach and train them. It is a blessing when we get the chance to see what is in thier hearts and shine God's truth on that. It isn't about making our life easier... It is about shaping and molding their character and turning their hearts to God now...while we have a chance...while they are little.
OH. HOW TRUE. HOW CONVICTING. And that is why I love her. And hate her. ;) She always points me back to Jesus. It is HARD to hear, but it is what I NEED to hear. I love comiserating with friends about how 'hard' it is. I love to be understood. And to be able understand others. It is a gift that HE has given to have friends to walk through this with. I am SO THANKFUL. And, I am so thankful for His word at work within me. It cuts like a knife. And it hurts. But, it also brings healing and joy.
Here's to you... and the opportunities you have today to teach and train your little ones!!

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Tara B. said...

Just found your blog and love it! I will be coming back often.

Glad you got a break, we all need time away every so often.

I am going to look for that Advent book for next year. I love Lisa Welchel, I have a couple of her books.

Your DD's Eczema sounds so uncomfortable. When we first got Austin he had it so bad it was infected, and he was running a fever from it. It has taken 20 months, but for the first time ever we have it completly under control and not even a patch on him anywhere!

His is allergy related so it was a combination of oral antihistimines, steriods, and prescription creams as well as finding bath and body products that didn't worsen it.

Hope you find a long term solution for your daughter as well.
Tara B/Samurai Mom