Thursday, November 20, 2008


photography by William J. Meyer Photography

I was talking with Maegan and Ryan this morning and asking them how many house rules they thought we should have. I asked them if we should have 15, or 32 or 75...or just how many they thought we should have. (I was thinking I would take them to the Bible and show them the 2 'rules' that Jesus talked about: Loving God and Loving Others...and that everything else would fall into place if we could just do those 2 things) Maegan said 'ONE.' and I thought 'hmm...okay, i'll just combine love God & others into one rule and that will work!'
I asked 'what do you think that one rule should be?'
she replied 'water the plants'

i think we have some more training to do. :)

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Kara said...

you inspired me! I wondered what my kids would say. But it was too long to comment... even for me! So I posted it on our blog: