Sunday, October 12, 2008


A co-worker and family friend emailed me today and asked me this question:

"How are your babies? The new ones and the 'old ones'? How is the transition?"

I thought you might be wondering the same thing, so after I typed out my re: I copied it to post here. This is what I had to say:

The oldest 'old one' Maegan...just turned 6 last week and is 'doing great. I've been so impressed with her big sister skills, and her love for her sibs!! She's done GREAT.
Ryan, who has been the baby for 4 years, is having a HARD time. He even pee'ed on the floor in the toy room, and on maegan's bed, right after marrty had changed her sheets, and made her bed... He is the sweet, soft hearted, but very BOY kindof boy, that is what (another friend) used to call a 'warrior poet' type. He needs to wrestle, and be all boy, but he is very sweet and kind and is an internal processor... He's having a hard time knowing where he fits. I have some extra things planned this week for just he and i to interact...Hoping that helps!
The new ones are doing well...especially Tony (2). He is such a lover and loves to hug and kiss me all day... he doesn't warm up easily to others, which is actually a GOOD thing attachment-wise. Addie (3) is doing good, too, but we have to work more with her on attachment type stuff... she still 'shops' for a mom when we are around other women...hugging strangers and friends she just met, and crying to go with whatever person just dropped off the meal, if she thinks they'd be better. We are working on it... not letting others hold her, for example, and being intentional in hugging and snuggling with her, and even doing some things they call 're-parenting' like feeding her, or holding her like a baby and making good eye contact while rocking her, etc...
It's work...and we are exhausted, but it is amazing how God has intrusted these little people to us... they are all 4 amazing...and though its hard, we are so blessed.
Thanks for asking! are all of you? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)

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Kara said...

Thanks for all the details. It's all so complex--these little creatures! We have had a lot of 'middle-child' struggles with Tima lately, with him not getting the attention of the oldest or youngest. I'll be reminded often to pray for Ryan!